I had the opportunity to have a massage by Alekos in January 2012. The massage table was very comfortable, and the minimalistic surroundings in the apartment / studio promoted a sense of relaxation. Alekos was a very thorough masseur: he took his time and worked every muscle group intensely, but never to the point of pain. Because he is a strong man, I felt that he was able to get deeper into the muscle tissue than some other masseurs I have visited. The choice of oils was very good too – with the sense of smell contributing to the total sense of well being.
I was glad to be able to take a shower afterwards to remove excess oil before continuing my work day.The entire experience was very professional and enjoyable : I look forward to booking another session as soon as possible.

Christopher Hux

Living in Milano, I had the lucky chance to meet Alex for a lomi-lomi massage during a weekend trip to Zurich. The experience was absolutely amazing. The lomi-lomi technique is very different from the “traditional” massage I was used to and the immediate benefits of it are not only physical well-being: it provokes indeed an intense feeling of mental relaxation, which remains for a long time after the massage session. It felt to me as if I was floating in a timeless and spaceless state of complete comfort. I guess it is very important, to achieve a full and rewarding experience, to “trust” the masseur. Alex is a totally reliable and warm person, and it was easy for me to let my resistances fall, thus enjoying a fulfilling experience that hopefully I will repeat on my next trip to Switzerland.
Emanuele Genuizzi

I had a massage with Alekos and it was one of the best massages I have ever had. He has an intuitive touch that can feel exactly where he needs to work more deeply and his method is deep without being intrusive. After the session I felt very relaxed and my body had let go of a lot of tension and pain. I highly recommend Alekos and will definitely be coming back for more.
Jessica McGregor Johnson

As journalist I should be able to manage words. In this case words just can't describe it. But I'll try... I so loved the deep relaxation massage Alekos gave to me and I thought I was in another world for 90min. The strenght and the power of his hands and arms are the perfect tools for my tough and muscular body.
Fausto Furio Colombo