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Well balanced and holistic

Alex Kallivroussis - 1973 - born and raised partially in Switzerland and Greece. During his career as a designer he started having job related health issues with typical back, shoulder and neck problems. As a consequence he had to visit a massage therapist to get some help. The profound effect that this massage sessions had on his health and well being made him decide to pursue studies in body work. While working with his clients it is his motivation and deepest wish to be able to help them by giving relief from pain or to provide a deep state of relaxation.
Diversity is a concept that he believes in. To much of something is never good. Since we are the sum of many things, we should embrace these aspects of our selves and find a balance that fits us as a unique individual. Healthy nutrition, enough sleep, a lot of physical activity, fun at work and enough free time to enjoy life and the things we love to do.
Alex is still working as a designer and combines now massage work in his work life to achieve his very own balance of diversity.
Balanced and holistic is also the concept of BODY PRAXIS. Further studies in Trauma and stress releasing as well as integrative process counseling are completing the modalities that are offered in the new practice. 

Studies in massage and body work

Dipl. Masseur
Massage Fachschule Zürich

Hot Stone Massage
Massage Fachschule Zürich

Lomi Lomi Massage
Lomi Schule / Zentrum für Körperarbeit / Dortmund

Esalen® Practitioner
Esalen® Ausbildungszentrum Deutschland / Unna

Triggerpunkt Massage
Hermitage / Ulf Pape / Bad Ragaz

Thai-Massage techniques and chronic back pain
Hermitage / Ulf Pape / Bad Ragaz

Tantra Practitioner
True Tantra / Anand Rudra / Amsterdam

Certified TRE® Provider
Stress, Tension and Trauma Releasing Excercises by David Berceli
TRE Schweiz / Steve Haines / Zürich

Integrative Process Counseling IBP
Institute IBP / Winterthur

Clinical Sexology / Sexocorporel (Basic Level)
Institute ZISS / Zurich

Alex Kallivroussis

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