SOS / Deep Tissue Massage

When the body is in pain and you need targeted deep work for fast support. This is your massage of choice.

Effective and mindful

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Deep Tissue Massage

There are days where our body, does not want to do things the way it should or the way we would like it to do them. Most of the time this happens exactly at a time when we simply have to " function " and cannot afford to take a time out. Massage is a good and welcome solution in this situation. Unfortunately often the provided massage is not strong or specific enough. Although any massage can be comforting, there is a direct need for a more effective work.

The SOS massage of the BODY PRAXIS helps to treat the problem areas in a targeted manner and provides relief from pain and movement restrictions. I work with deep tissue techniques as well as with stretching and passive joint mobilization. Effective, deep and pleasant at the same time.

Package prices   60min


120.-- CHF 


540.-- CHF (10%)


960.-- CHF (20%)


Is the SOS massage painful?

There are certainly more pleasant things than deep tissue work on a tense muscle. However, the cooperation between client and masseur is important. The aim is never to go beyond the limit of the so-called pleasure pain. In this area the client can still feel the pain without getting into a defensive (protective) posture, which makes the muscles "constrict" even stronger. To consciously feel and experience the affected structure is part of this work. We work slowly and also include breathing as an aid. Besides the strong, deep strokes, there are always integrating, soothing strokes that have a rewarding and relaxing effect. 

Is one appointment enough?

Depending on the situation, even a single appointment can work "small miracles". However, if you have pain, I recommend booking several sessions (between 2-3). Ideally, not too much time should pass between the sessions. Two sessions (with a three day break) within one week and one session after one week have proven to be a good strategy.

Further questions?

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