Scar tissue work

With slow and gentle moves the effected tissue is being reintegrated into its former structures and layers.

The tissue knows where it belongs to

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Scar tissue work 

by Sharon Wheeler

Besides the cosmetic effects scars can cause often structural and psychological problems. Often they are also producing pain, discomfort an postural problems in our bodies. The loss of elasticity within the tissue and reduced range of motion can also be a result of un treated scar tissue. Sharon Wheeler's gentle and effective method can help to reduce the negative effects caused by scars. Even older scars can be treated. The effects are permanent.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you remove all scars?

Each scar is unique and has it's own characteristics. Unfortunately there is no way to tell how efficient a session will be for each specific scar. Some scars almost disappear completely. Other ones get smoother, more elastic without changing much in their appearance. The most important part is to reduce the discomfort, pain and loss of range of motion. In most cases the scar tissue is also less prominent and integrates smoother within the neighbouring tissue. I never though give a promise on specific results.

How many sessions do I have to expect?

It depends on the size and nature of the scar. Large surface scars, such as burn scars might need multiple sessions to achieve a satisfactory result. Progress is constantly monitored together with the client. The biggest differences can be observed and experienced most of the time during the first session.

What exactly happens during scar work?

Scar tissue work by Sharon Wheeler is a slow and gentle method. With very light strokes the tissue is being invited to reintegrate in its natural structures and layers. Most of the time an important aspect is also the mindful and focused work on a part of the body that clients perceive as damaged.
During a short in take interview, the client is introducing his scar. I invite the client to touch and feel his scar one more time before starting to work with it. This allows the client to feel and see the progress during the session. Most clients perceive this as a very satisfying and effective part of the process since they participate actively.
The strokes are performed without oil or lotion.

How early can scar work be performed on my scar?

The wound should have had sufficient time to heal. Depending on size and nature of the scar, this can take between 2-4 months. It is advaisable to always consult your doctor when in doubt. Should the scar tissue start to change color (turn red) or the strokes are being perceived as painful, we emediately will stop the session.
The advantages of a faster beginning with scar work, is avoiding problems due to postural changes and pain related effects.
Older scars can also be effectively treated. Therefore there is no need to rush things.

Is the effect of scar work permanent?

According to the experience and observations of Sharon Wheeler, the inventor of this method, the results are permanent as long as there is no re traumatisation (new trauma) of the respective tissue.

More questions?

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer them as fast as I can to you.

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