Massage Course for couples

Laugh, learn to massage and enjoy yourselves. Just the two of you, completely without any pressure

Touch is the most vlauable gift for body and soul

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Massage course for couples

Wouldn't it come in handy, to have a partner at home who is able to sooth your soar muscles and your tired body whenever you need it?

A Lot of couples would love to do exactly that, but they are scared to give a massage and most of the time just prefer to say "honey I don't know how" or "I'm to tired right now" instead of getting themselves into troubles or risking to hurt their partners physically.
During the four hours couples massage course you will learn in a fun environment how to take care of your partners body in a safe way. We will not concentrate on dry theory but find easy methods that work for you and your body posture. This way both can learn and enjoy receiving and giving a beautiful massage routine. 
You can choose if you want to work on a futon or a massage table both is possible.

Price & Infos

Price for two people

400.-- CHF


4 hours

Previous Experience

Not needed


Please bring comfortable sports clothes with you. T-Shirt and shorts will work fine. Please be aware that most likely your clothes will get in contact with oil.


Will be provided for

Frequently asked questions

How many couples do normaly participate at a course?

I only work with one couple at a time. This gives me the opportunity to dedicate myself according to the needs of each individual participant. With other words it's a private course and not a group class.

Can I learn massage in just 4 hours?

Within the 4-5 hours of the course, the participants will learn a simple massage routine. The goal is to learn to touch with intention and focus. The techniques and strokes that you will learn are easy to remember and should invite you to experiment. The key to a good massage is to take your time and to be aware of yourself and your partner. Equaly important is that you learn to use your body in a safe way and not tire it out during the session.

When is the next course going to take place?

Since this is a private course, there are no fixed dates set. It's up to you and your partner to find the perfect time. Weekends are usually the best days for a couples course. You can take the opportunity to try out the learned strokes and enjoy it's relaxing effect. Fridays are also a good time for such a course, since it offers you a great way to start into your weekend.

I am single but would love to learn massage

This course is not only for people who happen to be in a relationship. You are welcome to book a course together with your best friend. Massage is a beautiful thing to learn and share. Not only for couples.

More questions?

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer them as fast as I can to you.

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If you have questions regarding the couples massage course, please feel free to contact me by mail or phone. +41 (0)76 573 08 52