Deep relaxation massage

This massage gives the body the opportunity to feel as a complete, connected living and breathing organism again.

A treat for body and soul

Massage & Bodywork

Deep Relaxation Massage


The main target of this massage is to reach a state of total mental and physical relaxation. With this sort of massage the focus isn't on isolated muscle work, but to give the body a chance to feel complete as a whole unit.
Experience the sensation of floating and reconnect to yourself. 

As soon as the body reaches a state of relaxation and the trust between practitioner and client has bin established, deeper muscle work can be done as well.

The deep relaxation massage is also known as the ESALEN massage and it originates from California. The method was created in the early seventies at the Esalen Institute at the coast of the Big Sur area. It has elements of a variety of different massage modalities and it is well known for it's long, slow strokes over the entire length of the body.

Prices & Package deals   60min


120.-- CHF


540.-- CHF (10%)


960.-- CHF (20%)

Prices & Package deals   90min


180.-- CHF


810.-- CHF (10%)


1'440.-- CHF (20%)

Prices & Package deals   120min


240.-- CHF


1'080.-- CHF (10%)


1'920.-- CHF (20%)

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