The best of both worlds

First during a short counseling session and then during a massage we listen together to what the body and our emotions want to tell us.

The double support

Counseling & Bodywork

Body & Soul Massage

The reasons for many body oriented issues are mostly to be found on the emotional level and are manifesting themselves through the body. Thus, a tense back usually did not just happen out of the blue. It is more likely a side effect of a series of stressful or emotionally painful situations.

If we get to the bottom of the actual cause of the painful tensions, we can counteract or even prevent them much more effectively.
The combination of counseling (ibp process support), as well as exercises for conscious breathing and body awareness, with the subsequent massage, are an ideal and holistic approach.

Package prices   90min


180.-- CHF


810.-- CHF (10%)


1'440.-- CHF (20%)

Package Prices   120min


240.-- CHF


1'080.-- CHF (10%)


1'920.-- CHF (20%)

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