Stress & tension release

Please perform the exercises always in a grounded and present state. Be mindful and enjoy the process.

Don't push yourself and start to feel

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Tension release exercises (TRE)

While performing the exercises, please make sure to be in a mindful, calm and grounded state of mind. Don't forget to breath deep and slow. Keep observing yourself (emotions as well as body sensations) and down regulate if necessary to your personal number 6 on our scale of strain (watch respective video). Remember that your personal emotional or body condition can change from day to day. Perform a quick check and ask yourself how you are doing right now. How am I feeling in my body and emotionally.

Please keep in mind the following points while doing the exercises:

  • Breath deep, conscious and slow

  • Keep your strain (body and emotions) at a 6 on a scale from 0-10

  • Don't shake longer than 3-5min (exercise 07) if you are new to this practice. Also practice every other day at the beginning. Then gradually extend the time of shaking week by week to 15min. After that you are free to experience and enjoy the shakes to your liking. Always stay present in your body and your awareness though.

  • To stop the shaking process, extend your legs and pull your feet into the direction of your head.

  • If you experience problems, stop the process and ask for support

  • Ask for a supervision if you experience blockages or specific issues keep coming up.

  • Don't judge, just observe and stop the process if needed.

  • Experiment, observe and enjoy while your body is self regulating.

  • Don't forget the integration and recovery step (4-8min) at the end of the exercises. It isn't just a pleasant break but very important for the entire process.

Prices & Packes for Supervision  60min

1x on site

120.-- CHF

5x on site

540.-- CHF (10%)

1x online

80.-- CHF

5x online

360.-- CHF (10%)

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