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Learning to deal with stress and tension by bringing the body into self-regulation.

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Tension & Stress Release

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Stress and tension are constant companions in our everyday life. Unfortunately, persistent stress also has serious effects on our life and health. Sleep and behavioural disorders, impairment of digestion and cardiovascular functions are common features of chronic stress.

With the simple method of self-regulation (TRE) you will learn how to deal with stress and tension in an effective and efficient way.


TRE Introduction Session

1x 90min   180.-- CHF

TRE Course (4x 60min)

4x 60min   450.-- CHF

TRE Supervision

1x 60min   120.-- CHF


What is TRE?

TRE is the abbreviation for "Tension, Stress and Trauma Releassing Excercises". TRE is a method that consists of seven simple physical exercises. These exercises help the body to reach a state of self-regulation. The muscles activated by the exercises release the energy and tension accumulated in the body through vibration and trembling. This mechanism is a natural mechanism of our body to deal with stress and tension or even trauma and can be activated and interrupted at any time. TRE was invented by the American psychologist David Berceli and has been used successfully worldwide since decades.

How does it work?

In addition to the activating, simple physical exercises, the focus is on ensuring that the client practices the method in a state of being grounded and focused. This allows the client to start and stop the process at any time. Being able to consciously perceive one's body and its sensations is already one of the great strengths of TRE. The vibrations and trembling of the muscles cause the energy and tension built up in the body to be released in order to deal with a stressful or even dangerous situation. This natural discharge leads to a general relaxation of the body systems and to a restart of the neurological structures that have been affected or even altered by the effects of stress. Often our behaviour changes due to chronic stress or a traumatic experience and this leads to an interruption in the natural stress processing and the previously described mechanism of self-regulation. Through TRE these blockages are removed and the natural processes can function properly again.

Can I practice TRE by myself?

Yes, TRE has been developed as a method for self-regulation. The goal is that in four sessions I teach my client the exercises and also the skills needed, to deal with sensations that may occur during the practice of TRE. Besides the purely physical sensations, tension release can also be a strong emotional experience. The client must learn to decide for himself whether he can handle and integrate the sensations that arise. Should he or she need a break, self-regulation is again required. This recognition of one's own limits and sensations is usually more difficult to learn than the seven physical exercises. Even after the four sessions for learning the method, the client may wish to book guided supervision sessions to be guided through more difficult topics in a protected environment.

Exercises? That sounds like a lot of work

In order to learn TRE effectively, it is important to do the seven exercises as instructed at the beginning. At a later point in time and with growing practice, it is possible to do only those exercises that bring you the fastest into activation. This can be a very fast process, and many experienced TRE practitioners even get into vibration and release without any exercises at all. You also can perform TRE after your regular training or even after any type of physical activity that warms up your muscles. As an example you can use TRE right after a Yoga session or after your running routine.

Do I have to be fit in order to practice TRE?

No, the physical exercises are very simple and not performance-oriented. There are many variations of the exercises so that people with physical weaknesses or disabilities can also practice TRE. In the four TRE learning sessions we will also focus on this point. A mindful approach to yourself, your body and all sensations is the key to self regulation.

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