Process counseling

Back to the basics, the essence, back to yourself.

Take a deep breath and feel your body

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Process counseling (IBP)

In the integrative process counseling sessions (Integrative Body Psychotherapy) I support you in your personal processes through a body oriented approach. Together we work out strategies to identify and effectively master issues that repeatedly prevent us from enjoying life and slow us down in our own development.

These can be topics from the past or a current situation that is bothering you.

We work with conversation and simple physical exercises, to learn to interpret the signals our body sends and to give a mindful and effective answer. This gives us the opportunity to question acquired, automatic actions (such as defence mechanisms) and to find good solutions for a broader, fulfilled life full of new and exciting alternatives.

Package prices   60min


120.-- CHF 


540.-- CHF (10%)


960.-- CHF (20%)

Packages prices   90Min


180.-- CHF


810.-- CHF (10%)


1'440.-- CHF (20%)


What topics are you working with?

Most of the time it is the issues that play the most important role in our lives or which influence us most negatively or positively. Work, sex, relationships, family, health, finances. Insecurity or even fears in these areas require advice, education or training. Most of the time the topics listed are interrelated, so you might come to me with impotence or sexual performance problems and discover in the course of the sessions that stress management is actually the topic. Simply put, you can come to me with anything that causes you distress.

Is this work Psychotherapy?

No, I am not a trained psychotherapist, but support you in your problems through my professional (various training courses in bodywork, stress and trauma management, integrative process support) and personal experience (from person to person). My consulting activity does not replace psychotherapy.

What methods are you using in a session?

That is depending on the topic. In most cases we work with simple breathing exercises and body oriented techniques to strengthen presence and mindfulness. Of course, the various topics are always worked through as well with conversation. The reference, however, always remains the body and the emotions caused by the existing problems. The goal is to re-establish a healthy body-emotional feedback mechanism. In the sense of "Hey, body how are you? Are you ok with this situation, or should I leave it alone?". Being able to perceive, respect and interpret the inner voice is key to an active, healthy and happy life.

Further questions?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail or contact me by phone.

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