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Lomi Elements

Experience the elements being incorporated into this unique form of massage. A special treat during summer. Heat from the sun, cooling breeze on your skin, refreshing drops of water and the power of the earth united in one massage. 

Tension release

It is more important than ever to find ways to release tension from your body and your mind. Learn how to effectively self regulate and find release and relaxation with this easy to learn method. 

Corona News

News and information related to the Corona Virus and the way we handle it at Body Praxis



During our present time of crisis, the exercises will support you to deal with the additional tension and stress. Be aware that emotions can come up and you might experience a so called emotional release as well as a tension release. Both is welcome and beneficial. If you need further support with counseling or therapy, please don't hesitate to reach out to me or a therapist near to you. Sessions can also be done through video chat.

Take care and stay healthy
Alex Kallivroussis


Dear friends, clients and students
I'm happy to announce that I will be able to reopen my practice starting by April 27th. There will be a series of safety and extra hygiene measures installed that will make sure that you can enjoy the experience without the threat of infection.
Safety measures
  • I will be wearing a protection mask during the hands on work
  • The masks I am using are shown on the picture below (airguard)
  • I don't have medical, one use masks available
  • For clients who don't have a mask and want to use one, I will provide the reusable ones who are washed at 90° after every use
  • Once the official masks will be available we will switch to those
  • There are hand disinfection bottles in the practice
  • Disinfection tissues will be available also in the toilet and shower
  • The massage table is always disinfected after every session (as it always has been)
  • The head piece will be covered in addition to the reusable cover (always exchanged as before) with a one way disposable cover.
  • Water glasses are washed as before (feel free to bring your own)
  • All table covers, towels and sheets are washed as before with 90°
  • In addition I will change my T-shirt after every client
  • Clients who take a shower are asked to spray the shower compartment with disinfectant after use

Those are the measures that I can take and provide for the time being. If there are additional steps and measures handed out by the department of health, I will adjust and inform accordingly.


One more thing regarding the masks. Please keep also the environment in your mind. We will soon have access to an abundance of reusable masks, but use them wisely and if possible get a personal reusable mask for yourself. The brand that I am using is called airguard. It's a Swiss company that uses a high tech fabric that rejects water. It can be washed and reused at 90°C. It's a non medical mask, but it should provide you more safety then self made masks, because of it's high quality materials. I kindly ask my clients to put the mask on while lying on their back. I am having the mask on during the entire massage session.

Getting a massage is more than ever a matter of trust. Please remember that trained massage therapists already have high standards of hygiene. Never the less, ask if you have questions or if you feel un safe.
I'm looking forward to see you all in my practice.
Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home.
Alex Kallivroussis

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Deep relaxation

A treat for body and soul

Lomi Lomi

The Hawaiian experience

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Learn massage in a fun way, just the two of you

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Process Counseling (IBP)

Learn how to overcome old habits and live active.

Stress and tension release

Conscious self regulation through tension release.

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Understand and enjoy your sexuality

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